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    惠州市膜界新材料科技有限公司—為響應國家對(萬眾創新)新材料產業規劃要求,在2015年正式注冊成立、生產、銷售于一體的高新技術企業,專業生產 創新 綠色360彩票、環保360彩票、安全的功能性廣告保護膜材。公司引進全球領先的自動化生產設備,無論在產品規格還是性能上,均達到行業內領先水平。此外,公司積極落實產業化發展道路,形成吹膜-涂布-分切-包裝等系列配套產業,申請得到【國家專利】40幾項360彩票。為國內外客戶提供更為全面的產品與服務,逐步實現科技化、規?;?60彩票、產業化的高新技術型企業經營模式。

     惠州膜界作為一家新生高新技術型企業,為了更快、更穩的高速發展,實現長遠發展目標,除了重視技術 投入外360彩票,同樣重視人才建設360彩票。自創立之日起,公司積極引進行業內專業技術人才,并不斷加強內部人才梯隊培養建設360彩票,加大人才培養投入360彩票,僅僅成立一年之際,即在技術研發、工藝操作、品質管理、經營管理等方面逐步形成穩定、高效、積極的人才隊伍,為企業后續的高速發展奠定了堅實的人才基礎。志當存高遠。公司秉承“省時360彩票、省力360彩票、省錢、環?!钡慕洜I理念,以雄厚的經濟實力為后盾360彩票,優秀的科研管理人才為核心,同時依托京 上 廣 深、珠三角這一得天獨厚的地理優勢,加大在科研技術、產品質量、生產能力、人才建設等方面的投入,“挑戰極限、追求卓越”360彩票,以廣州為中心360彩票,輻射全中國,逐步提升企業在行業內的實力與地位,努力將企業經營成為全球領先的現代化高新技術企業360彩票。

    In response to the requirements of the state on new material industry planning, Huizhou film industry new material science and technology co., ltd., a high-tech enterprise, was formally registered in 2015, specializing in the production of innovative green, environmentally friendly and safe functional advertising protective film. The company introduces the world 's leading automated production equipment, both in terms of product specifications and performance, are leading the industry. In addition, the company actively implement the industrialization development road, the formation of film - coating - cutting - packaging and other supporting industries, apply for more than 40 [ national patent ]. To provide more comprehensive products and services for customers at home and abroad, and gradually realize the scientific and technological, large-scale and industrialization of high-tech enterprise management mode.

    Huizhou film industry as a new high-tech enterprises, in order to faster and more stable high-speed development, to achieve long-term development goals, in addition to pay attention to technical input, the same emphasis on talent construction. Since its inception, the company actively introduce professional and technical personnel in the industry, and constantly strengthen the internal talent echelon training and construction, increase investment in talent training, only one year after its establishment, that is, in technical research and development, process operation, quality management, management and other aspects gradually formed a stable, efficient and active personnel team, for the rapid development of enterprises to lay a solid talent base. When the high. Company adhering to the " time - saving, labor - saving, money - saving, environmental protection" business philosophy, backed by strong economic strength, excellent scientific research management personnel as the core, at the same time relying on Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen, pearl river delta this unique geographical advantage, increase investment in scientific research technology, product quality, production capacity, talent construction, etc," challenge the limit, the pursuit of excellence", centered in Guangzhou, radiation throughout China, and gradually.